COVID-19 Precautions

1. In-Person Events

All attendees must be health checked for COVID symptoms before attending the event. Sick guests must NOT be allowed to attend the event.


Performers will mask up to the comfort level of your home or business. We have clear face shields available or each character is equipped with a cloth mask that matches their attire. Performers are given the ability to choose to wear a mask for their safety & comfort level even if the host or company wishes otherwise. 

Reschedule Policy:

If family members or company owners are showing symptoms before the event, they MUST contact the ABPP to reschedule. The deposit will be put towards a future event. Guests experiencing symptoms must stay home for the benefit of all attending.

Performer Safety:

If the performer feels unsafe or if attendees are not taking appropriate safety measures, the performer is allowed to leave and the deposit will not be returned. We will not send a sick or exposed performer to your home or place of business and we appreciate the same hospitality in return for the safety of the performers and their families.

We will get through this together. We're so grateful for opportunities to make magic happen!

Safe & Sanitary
2. Activity Modifications

The performer will only perform outdoors. We would appreciate a chair, water bottle, and shade if possible to avoid over heating.