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Business Collaborations

At Awakened Beauty, we are dedicated to helping you craft events that will leave lasting memories. We help bring magical characters to life, bringing your guests unforgettable experiences. Through personal meet & greets, professional performances & authentic design, our performers will provide your event with endless magic for guests of all ages!

For more information on how your company can create a spectacular event, please contact us below. The Owner will assist you personally.


Your Magical Wish is Being Fulfilled!

Lake Elsinore Storm
Lake Elsinore Storm

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Pretty Paints Party
Pretty Paints Party

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Vail Headquarters
Vail Headquarters

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Lake Elsinore Storm
Lake Elsinore Storm

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"We've been lucky enough to have [Snow Sisters, Tower Princess, Spider Hero, Spider Girl, & Mermaid Princess] from Awakened Beauty Princess Parties at our business a few times and we were so happy with their performances! They are kind, patient, professional and very talented! We look forward to more fun parties with these sweet actors again soon!"
-Brandee G. (Owner of the Little Red Barn Playground).

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