A Princess Like Me...


Everyone deserves a Happy Ending...

     "A Princess Like Me" is a special program our company has created to help serve young princesses across the Inland Empire!

     We believe that anyone can be a princess & that every little princess deserves to "see themselves" reflected in their heroes. We also believe in providing our contractors with the opportunity to portray their childhood heroes! Rather than restricting our BIPOC performers to characters of color, we are desiring to move forward as an equal opportunity company and will allow any of our BIPOC performers to portray any of our beautiful princesses upon request. We believe in broadening opportunity & in so doing, allowing young princesses far & wide to see an Ice Queen, a Mermaid Princess, a Cindy Princess, a Tower Princess, etc. that looks like them.

     If you are interested in booking a princess a part of our "Princess Like Me" program, please specify in your booking request by stating the character you wish & our corresponding contractor, "Ami" or "Helaina". We are very excited and proud to offer our performers & families with a variety of characters to tailor the magic to your unique experience!

Ami- Princess Like Me Ambassador
Princess Ami
Helaina- Princess Like Me Ambassador
Helaina Underwood